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GCUC Radio Episode 20 – Commitment to Community

Tony Bacigalupo sat with Felena Hanson of Hera Hub.  Felena is one of the original female focused coworking space entrepreneurs. About Felena Hanson and Hera Hub When she was working with a marketing strategy firm, Felena worked primarily from home.  However, over the years she began to miss the sense of community and support that coworkers provide.  So, she looked at a coworking space called The Hive in San Diego and hosted an event there. Unfortunately, despite being a great…

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GCUC Radio Episode 19 – Vince Pan of Analogue Studio on Design

Tony Bacigalupo talked to Vince Pan, the founder of Analogue Studio, for a new perspective from the world of space design. About Vince Pan and Analogue Studio Vince worked out of a shared workspace for a few years which he considers some of the most creative and exciting times in their office.  He enjoyed being in an environment surrounded by diverse people working on different projects. Coworking was the perfect vehicle for bringing people and ideas together. Vince has a…

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GCUC Radio Episode 18 – Mental Health and Wellness

Tony Bacigalupo talked to Laura Shook Guzman of Soma Vida on the importance of mental health awareness. A Vehicle for Change Coworking has become confusing to the consumer market.  People often associate coworking with real estate development.  This is because the differentiation between the coworking industry and movement is unclear to most.  However, without the coworking movement, there would be no industry. Coworking as a movement has potential to be a tool for societal change. Mental Health and Wellness Laura…

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GCUC Radio Episode 17 – Adapting to Change

Tony Bacigalupo talked to Simone Eyles of Working Spaces HQ in Wagga Wagga, a small rural town in southeastern Australia. Simone is seen years into the world of start-ups.  She started with the idea to build a cafe and never saw herself ending up where she is now. Starting a Business Some people sit on an idea of years.  When people start with their first business, they have no idea what they are doing.  However, people tend to figure the…

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GCUC Radio Episode 15 – Devon Carr

Tony Bacigalupo sat with Devon Carr who has had a lot of experience in entrepreneurship and the coworking industry. About Devon Devon went from the world of international development and agribusiness to being a freelance consultant in Canada.  He got into coworking because like many others, he needed somewhere to work out of. As an independent professional himself, he became interested in supporting other independent professionals and any needs they may have.  The economic models that previous generations have been…