Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 24: Starting a Space

Trevor Twining of Cowork Niagara talked to Alex Hillman about what it looks like when a coworking space is getting started. Getting Started Trevor went to a cafe downtown and spoke to the owner about bringing people in.  This was an important step for him because it established a long term relationship with the cafe and helped form the core of the community.  With the permission of the cafe owner, the had somewhere to meet. They started by meet once…

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Charlotte Kirby: Sole Founder and Operator of The Village Hive

Charlotte Kirby of The Village Hive was interviewed by Joanna Cabalquinto on July 23, 2018. Background Prior to opening The Village Hive, Charlotte worked in the corporate world for the government and health care.  However, she felt boxed in by these jobs that did not allow her to use her creative mind to its full extent. When she made the switch to consulting, she found herself missing colleagues and the office atmosphere.   While consulting, she visited another coworking space…

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Revisiting Brickyard’s Founder: Ann Orem

Last year, Discover Coworking interviewed Brickyard founder, Ann Orem.  We circled back with her on July 24, 2018 after a year. Since the last interview, some of our staff have become a member of Brickyard and are operating from within the space. Expansion Last time we spoke with Ann, Brickyard just completed their second expansion.  This time, Brickyard completed their third. With the Ashburn, Virginia location up and running, Ann is now ready to expand into other markets.  She has…

The Station Event
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Hayder Hamzoz of The Station: First Space in Iraq

Hayder Hamzoz, founder of the The Station, the first coworking space in Iraq, was interviewed by Sajid Islam on June 25, 2018. About The Station Entrepreneurs in Iraq are always looking for a safe place people can think freely without limitations or policies.  The Station encourages them to launch their startups. After visiting some spaces in the United States, Hayder found that coworking was the idea that they needed.  Entrepreneurs are not just looking for a space, they want people…

Sacred Space
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Brandon Napoli of Sacred Space: Coworking Church

Brandon Napoli was interviewed by Sajid Islam June 21, 2018 about Sacred Space, a coworking space and church in Palo Alto, California. [caption id="attachment_2140" align="alignnone" width="300"] Head Shot of Brandon Napoli[/caption] Beginning Brandon worked in New York for an economic development company that provided access to underserved entrepreneurs.  Since he served entrepreneurs his whole career, Brandon was able to empathize more with their journey. When he moved back home to California, Brandon worked remotely out of his house while volunteering…