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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 23: Team

Very few people talk about how hard it can be to succeed as a team in a coworking space.  Alex Hillman opened discussion on this topic with Amanda and Christine from Lantern Fish Press. People-Focused Project Amanda and Christine have been really focused on putting the other people involved with their projects first.  Their project was the kind of thing that was started because they loved doing it. Since they took so much pride in what they were doing, they…

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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 10: Community and Team Members

Although he did not attend, Alex Hillman connected with attendees of the Coworking Asia Unconference for a Google hangout Q&A session. How do you keep your team from burning out? There are two categories of things expected from team members: Operational duties These are things that need to be done everyday such as maintaining the space, scheduling, and giving tours Desire to connect with people This is what brings most people into such positions.  Team members care a lot about…

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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 9: New Hires

Andy Hillman discussed one of the biggest challenges that everyone encounters when trying to expand their team — new hires.   Background Andy recalled a time when he was approaching burnout.  This was when he started looking for a new hire. There were many simple, everyday tasks that fell on his shoulders which could easily be fulfilled by someone else.  These small, seemingly inconsequential tasks ended up adding up to a giant chunk of his time. This is when he…

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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 4: Teamwork

Alex Hillman and Adam Teterus discussed about how Indy Hall’s team works together and the importance of leading by example. What is the Voice of Indy Hall? As Indy Hall has grown, there is a notion that communication may need to become more effective.  Effective meaning increased clarity, less sounding like a friend and more professional. However,  Indy Hall tries to hold onto the tone they had when they were a smaller community. It takes a lot of effort to…


Running a great team – Lavinia Iosub – CUAsia’18 Academy

Lavinia Iosub from Livit Spaces graced the Coworking Academy with a session on how to run a great team, at CUAsia’ 18. She completed her Masters in Developing Human Resources. Her thesis topic was on 'how to best attract and develop talent.' It has equipped her with ideas on how to operate with your team and what incentives to offer them. In 2011, Livit Spaces started off as a group of freelancers or SVPs. But, as their vision of helping…