Aminul Islam at an event of Hubdhaka
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Md. Aminul Islam – “Coworking is a beautiful concept”

Let’s get to know another coworker. Md. Aminul Islam is the CEO of Shahin’s Help Line. It is a consultancy firm that specializes in Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and SME entrepreneurs. They provide legal documentation services to new and established startups and entrepreneurs. They even offer free consultations via phone, Shahin’s Help Line website, Facebook, and face-to-face. How the story began Mr. Aminul started the company back in 2011 while sustaining a job in the corporate sector. In October 2015, he…

Md. Anisar Rahman at Hubdhaka
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Md. Anisar Rahman: Coworking – A means to achieve your goals

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it,” said Charles Buxton, a writer and member of Parliament. The quote is most suitable for Md. Ansar Rahman, CEO of VineTECH. He had always hoped to be an entrepreneur, but Mr. Anisar found himself working at Tressa Electronics, playing the role of Deputy General Manager of their software division. Mr. Anisar had not given up on his ambitions, nor was he procrastinating; while efficiently fulfilling…

Syed Mohammad Shamael at Hubdhaka
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Syed Mohammad Shamael: How he leveraged a Coworking Space

The coworking culture is rapidly emerging in Bangladesh; there is no downside in knowing how people are adapting to it. On that note, Syed Mohammad Shamael, the Founder and Chief Account Strategist at PPC Rockers shared his journey on how he leveraged a coworking space. PPC Rockers provides digital marketing services across Google, Yahoo, and Facebook networks. Their primary focus is the mid-level corporate clients; focusing on United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. They manage multiple online marketing across major…

Atiqur Rahman working at Hubdhaka
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Atiqur Rahman’s Journey into Coworking

Atiqur Rahman’s career began as a theme developer for Nokia Ovi store, which was followed by a job in the SEO sector. However, he soon realized his passion was elsewhere; in 2013 he decided to pursue his real passion, graphic designing. From then on he became a full time freelance graphic designer. Currently, he works in different online marketplaces, where he designs brand identity, app icon, flyer, brochure, etc. During a successful interview session with Atiqur, we were able to…

Members of Chattermill at Hubdhaka rooftop
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Chat With Chattermill

When it comes to coworking, what we perceive is that it is a setting for startups to work together under one roof. But who said coworking is only limited to startups? Chattermill Bangladesh is is an example of the challenging that notion that only startups can cowork. Well established firms can opt for coworking as well. Chattermill is an UK based customer experience enhancing company and currently has operations in Bangladesh as well. We caught up with Mohammed Safquat Alam,…