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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 45: Adapting Culture and Space

Alex Hillman talked to Raechel French, a K-12 educational space planner.  She gave her insight into the collaborative process she uses to design innovative schools which can be applied to coworking. Humans and the environment have a symbiotic relationship.  Raechel focuses on how the architecture impacts teaching and learning.   Goal Her goal is to transform every square foot of a school into a space for learning.  This really breaks beyond the four walls. There is a huge shift towards…

A quick look inside the Brickyard
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Michele KirkPatrick on Being Brickyard’s Community Manager

Sajid Islam interviewed Michele KirkPatrick, the Community Manager of Brickyard on June 6, 2018. [caption id="attachment_2309" align="alignnone" width="300"] Photo by: Benjamin Burgess ([/caption] Transition to Community Manager With a husband in the military, Michele was working 65 hours a week with the constant conflict of having to choose between family or career.  Her husband got an amazing opportunity in Alabama and went for a year. During that time, Michele was on the search for a job that could provide her…

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Susan King Glosby and Nora FitzGerald: Women-Owned WorkAway Solutions

Susan King Glosby and Nora FitzGerald were interviewed about WorkAway Solutions on May 31, 2018 by Sajid Islam. Background Susan and Nora knew each other as friends.  They depended on one another to take care of each other’s children and support one another’s work.  They would occasionally cowork at each other’s houses but primarily worked from home. However, one day in June of 2017, the two went to a cafe for a change of scenery.  There, they spent $40 on…

Vince Pan at GCUC 2018

GCUC 2018 – Day 0 – Design Elements

Vince Pan (pictured on the right), Founder of Analogue Studio talks about how to use design to activate your coworking space and help its members thrive. Three Main Phases There is no single solution.  You need to approach design for every market and culture differently. Vince broke design down into three main phases: Define your tribe. Who are you catering to? Who do you want to bring into your space? What kind of community are you looking to build? Define…

Greg Lindsay giving speech on Cities-as-a-Service session GCUC USA 2017

Cities-as-a-Service – Greg Lindsay – GCUC USA’17 Day 1

The first day of Global Coworking Unconference Conference - GCUC USA 2017 began with a session conducted by, Greg Lindsay. He is a member of the NewCities Foundation and a contributing writer for Fast Company. He is also the co-author of Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next. The session was titled Cities-as-a-Service. He discussed the details of how countless opportunities could be created from cities if utilized correctly. Few years ago, Greg toured the city of London with Peter Wynne…