What is coworking?   The concept of coworking and the shared work space has been around for a long time.  However, the term “coworking” has been coined fairly recently. Coworking provides anyone, from CEOs to people who just graduated, a flexible and customizable environment to work.  It supports whatever setting people feel they are most successful in while providing them with resources and technology that can increase their output. Innovation goes hand in hand with coworking as it brings together people from different industries and backgrounds together into one collaborative environment.  Their attitudes, skills, ideas, and knowledge facilitate growth within a space. The goal of coworking is to bring in people that will create opportunities for each other.   Coworking offers a new world of participation and purpose to those who take part.  It allows people to work together and build their network. In fact, coworking spaces are a great place for small startups and freelancers who often have trouble finding a productive work space. The relationships built through these spaces create strong support systems and provide a platform for people to build off of. Discover Coworking aims to share the success stories of founders, operators, and even members of coworking spaces.  The span of coworking’s success reaches internationally. Thus, we do not only want to share local success stories but go global.  Discover Coworking wants to promote growth and collaboration by cultivating a global coworking community.