Alex Hillman at CUAsia '18 giving an idea about how to scale the space

Scaling Your Space: A Different Approach – Alex Hillman – CUAsia’ 18 Academy

“What if I told you, that no matter how many members you have in your space, you could double that number and still have more members?” questioned Alex Hillman, the Founder of Indy Hall, one of the longest running coworking space. That was how he started his presentation at CUAsia’ 18 Academy, giving the audience an idea as to what topic he was covering, which was  how to scale your space. Through the talk, he shared how Indy Hall scaled beyond…

Loshini Selvarajah teaching about digital marketing at CUAsia '18 Academy.

Digital Marketing Tools & Techniques – Loshini Selvarajah – CUAsia’18 Academy

Loshini Selvarajah from held a crash course on digital marketing at CUAsia 2018 Academy. The workshop aimed to teach coworking space managers to use digital tools and technology to learn about online behavior and to be able to use the findings to serve their community better. As a coworking space manager, there are various online marketing tactics you can use online to increase your conversion and grow your market, starting with a website which will give you a primary digital presence.…

Ashley Proctor talking about Community at Coworking Unconference Asia

Community – Ashley Proctor – CUAsia’18 Academy

Ashley Proctor, Executive Director of 312 Main,  talked on ‘Community’ at the Coworking Unconference Asia – CUAsia 2018 Academy, taking place at Wawasan Open University in Penang, Malaysia. Before diving into her topic, she made herself more familiar with the audience by sharing her background information.  She has been involved in building collaborative communities since 2003. Her hometown is Toronto, Canada; it is where she built her coworking spaces. Ashley designed and launched the Xpace (2004), Creative Blueprint (2006) and…