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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 8: Art

Sean Martorana, a member of Indy Hall who is largely responsible for the growth of the art community within the space, talked to Alex Hillman for episode eight.

Art in Indy Hall

For awhile, Sean was the only fine artist at Indy Hall. However, he was able to bring another dimension to the visual experience of members.  With Alex’s permission, Sean painted the walls of the space. He did this while inviting people into the process of making of the art. The broader community was invited to be a part of the project.  This allowed even non-artists to get involved with the painting of Indy Hall’s walls.

The space feels more alive because the art is always moving.  There are new pieces constantly being added. Even the relatively permanent pieces can be altered.

Art’s Effect

For Sean, Indy Hall was a way to use art and see how it can affect a workplace.  Part of his job is to experiment and see what works and what does not as well as the functionality of art.

Bringing art into Indy Hall was a big step towards inviting more diversity.  More and more people were attracted to the space, deciding this is somewhere they would like to work.  The vibe of Indy Hall is unique because of the art within. It is the artifacts of the people within the space.  There is a warmth about the space that is incomprehensible until you walk in. People’s experiences are literally left on the walls.  Art has invited more activity at Indy Hall.

Art helps to inspire people to get more stuff done.  However, even within one community there are individuals with varying interests.  This is why they bring in different types of art with different styles. What attracts one person is not the same as what attracts the next person.  With varying art, people can pick what area suits them and work there.

Art Events

Indy Hall also hosts multiple art events.  Events showcasing local art is an inviting way to bring in members of the community who are not artists to support it.  It is something anyone can contribute to that adds up to a bigger picture.

Seeing peers get involved with the art community was special to Sean.


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