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GCUC Radio Episode 15 – Devon Carr

Tony Bacigalupo sat with Devon Carr who has had a lot of experience in entrepreneurship and the coworking industry.

About Devon

Devon went from the world of international development and agribusiness to being a freelance consultant in Canada.  He got into coworking because like many others, he needed somewhere to work out of.

As an independent professional himself, he became interested in supporting other independent professionals and any needs they may have.  The economic models that previous generations have been using need to be tested. They are not delivering in the same ways anymore. Most people do not look to keep a single career their entire life.

Coworking and Entrepreneurship

Institutions like coworking develop as people look for access to a community and social network that is unavailable to them without a full-time employer.  There are needs to solve these challenges. So, take the skills that make sense to you and start applying your talents so come up with solutions. It is a complicated process to solve these issues.

More and more people want to be their own boss when it gives them freedoms on what kind of lifestyle they choose to live.  Especially if they are able to make a sustainable income while doing it. Nowadays, there are tools that people are providing to help transition to this entrepreneurial approach like GCUC.

This entrepreneurial spirit encourages people to collaborate in new ways which can facilitate the solutions needed.  There is a host of opportunities that people can chase. Diversity benefits all of us because there are people doing things in areas that we don’t specialize in.

Financial Responsibilities

However, financial barriers are the biggest problem for most people.  Despite these barriers, the cheapest plans can offer direct access to whatever mode of communication a space chooses to use with its members.  This provides a chance to get connected with others who can help with your projects.

Trying to make your space accessible to everyone is challenging when you have to make it profitable as well.  Try charging the people who can afford to pay for it and then offer a plan that is accessible for people who may have a tighter budget.  This is more of an awareness and social things than anything else. On the plus side, it helps feed the rest of the business. There are many ways to invite everyone in while still being a profitable business.


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