A glimpse at the Locus Serviced Office
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Founder’s Corner – Abir Mallick – Locus Serviced Office

Words out on Locus Serviced Office, which is conveniently located in the heart of the new business location in Dhaka. It’s Founder; Abir Mallick talked about the coworking scene in Bangladesh. He also gave an in-depth assessment of the efforts that went into making Locus a ‘total solution workspace.’ Why coworking? Mr. Mallick has been working in the IT industry for the last 15-20 years. During his consultancy work in several countries, he used to take memberships in several coworking…

Sabdin Ahmed, Abdullah Shahid and Junaid Deep of OPEN
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Founder’s Corner: Sadbin Ahmed: OPEN

Dhaka meets coworking. Yes, the concept of coworking is gradually spreading all over Dhaka, with the establishment of new coworking spaces. Today, the spotlight falls upon OPEN, the first coworking space in Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka. They are also the first coworking space in Dhaka to be open 24/7. OPEN’s Founder, Sadbin Ahmed, took the time to talk about the space, recent happenings, and updates. He also shared his vision for startups in Bangladesh and how OPEN plans to support them.…

Daniela Milosheshka working at coffice
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Founder’s Corner: Daniela Milosheshka – Coffice

Daniela Milosheshka is the Founder of Coffice, a coworking space located in Skopje, Macedonia. The space is 90 square meters; it has 12 desks, a meeting room, a lounge and a kitchen. They opened two and a half years ago, and their members include people coming and going both from Macedonia and from outside the country. They're out of country clients who are looking to build new companies in Macedonia; they use the space for recruitment.  After 5 pm, Coffice…

Ivan Brkljac at Mokrin House
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Founder’s Corner: Ivan Brkljac – Mokrin House

Ivan Brkljac, the founder of Mokrin House,  lives in a coworking colony state located in a rural surrounding. It is a very modern type of estate and consists of a complex of several buildings, in which everything is available; where the coworking space is, where the dormitories are, it's just like a minicamp. Mokrin House is located on the border between Serbia, Romania, and Hungary. They have a mix of different languages and cultures, and have been in business since…

Ann Orem at Brickyard
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FOUNDER’S CORNER: Ann Orem talks about Brickyard

Brickyard is a coworking space in Ashbourne, VA which is one of the suburbs in Washington DC. Ann Orem, founder of Brickyard, began working on it eighteen months ago, and her prior experience in commercial real estate development helped her develop the space. She began her research on the marketplace to determine whether a traditional coworking space would survive in the suburbs and soon realized there was a ‘gaping hole’ in the market for local entrepreneurs, tech startups, and small…