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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 49: Ask the Members

Alex Hillman and Adam Teterus approached the podcast in a new way.  This episode was focused on asking members Asking Members Coworking is an environment full of people.  Inevitably, there will be ideas that do not work out.  However, members are often forgotten throughout this whole process.  Asking members is much more than a survey or a vote. In these instances, there are set options that members are expected to choose between.  There is a fine line between directly asking…

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Alex Hillman PodcastCoworking

An Outsider’s Perspective on Coworking

After spending a little over a month in a coworking space in suburban Ashburn, Virginia learning about the world of coworking from various conferences, podcasts, and personal experiences, I have put together an analysis of the industry.  In this analysis I will focus on Alex Hillman’s podcasts from Dangerously Awesome. [caption id="attachment_2148" align="alignnone" width="300"] Coworkers at a Desk[/caption] Community From what I have heard, people who are heavily involved in the industry seem to think that coworking has the power…

Alex Hillman PodcastCoworking

Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 18: Connecting with Community

Sam Abrams sat down for a conversation with one of Indy Hall’s members.  He is a practicing attorney who has been able to grow his business from within the space. Coworking as a Lawyer A lawyer is not a profession that is commonly associated with coworking.  Despite that there are not many in his field coworking, this Indy Hall member has been rediscovering himself professionally while engaging with his work in a new way.  He has embarked on a new…

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Revisiting Brickyard’s Founder: Ann Orem

Last year, Discover Coworking interviewed Brickyard founder, Ann Orem.  We circled back with her on July 24, 2018 after a year. Since the last interview, some of our staff have become a member of Brickyard and are operating from within the space. Expansion Last time we spoke with Ann, Brickyard just completed their second expansion.  This time, Brickyard completed their third. With the Ashburn, Virginia location up and running, Ann is now ready to expand into other markets.  She has…

Sacred Space
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Brandon Napoli of Sacred Space: Coworking Church

Brandon Napoli was interviewed by Sajid Islam June 21, 2018 about Sacred Space, a coworking space and church in Palo Alto, California. [caption id="attachment_2140" align="alignnone" width="300"] Head Shot of Brandon Napoli[/caption] Beginning Brandon worked in New York for an economic development company that provided access to underserved entrepreneurs.  Since he served entrepreneurs his whole career, Brandon was able to empathize more with their journey. When he moved back home to California, Brandon worked remotely out of his house while volunteering…