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GCUC Radio Episode 19 – Vince Pan of Analogue Studio on Design

Tony Bacigalupo talked to Vince Pan, the founder of Analogue Studio, for a new perspective from the world of space design.

About Vince Pan and Analogue Studio

Vince worked out of a shared workspace for a few years which he considers some of the most creative and exciting times in their office.  He enjoyed being in an environment surrounded by diverse people working on different projects. Coworking was the perfect vehicle for bringing people and ideas together.

Vince has a strong passion for creating spaces that are responsive to the humans that work in them.  In fact, the first thing they do with a client is get to know them by doing a deep dive on them and their business.  They even take some time to actually work within the space to get a better sense of how the space works. With an idea of the business’s culture, they can build a space that aligns with it.  The space should feel like a natural fit for the community within it so it is important to spend time actually experiencing the culture. It is important because the more subtle and community fostering elements tend to come out of this process.  Design elements that make a space more personal and human are crucial because it designs experiences and cultures, not just the shell in which those things happen.

Two Most Important Qualities

Light is one of the most overlooked aspects of workplace design.  Design that maximizing natural light is extremely important. People respond to the amount and quality of light within a space.  It matters a lot more than other things that may deemed to be more immediately design related.

Community is less directly design related, but just as important.  It is important to think about the specific community being designed for and what is needed to support and nurture it.  Architecturally, community comes with creating spaces for people to gather and collaborate. However, there needs to be more than just a kitchen to get together.  Those kinds of spaces add a lot of value and may monetize square footage in a way that is not just selling a desk. It plays a huge role in how people feel about a space and how tied they are to it.


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