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GCUC Radio Episode 04 – Business Centers

In an interview with Tony Bacigalupo, Frank Cottle of Alliance Business Centers talked about coworking and how it should be challenging the office rental industry to be more.  These are what I thought were the main points. Shared Work Space The combination of people, place, and technology into a single highly flexible service agreement is what makes coworking more efficient for clients than if they were to using each component individually.  Coworking is part of the serviced office industry. According…

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GCUC Radio Episode 03: Creating Community

Tony Bacigalupo interviewed Matias Vazquez of Sharing E.C. in Saõ Paolo, Brazil for episode three of GCUC Radio. Matias views his space as a center of commerce for his neighborhood, not just a workspace.  He is a leader of the CoLatAm effort which seeks to unite leaders of coworking spaces across Latin and South America. He is leading the effort with Manu Vega who was interviewed in the last episode.  They hope to recruit others to join their alliance and…

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GCUC Radio Episode 02: Manu Vega of Cuenca Coworking

In episode two of GCUC Radio, host, Tony Bacigalupo, talked to Manu Vega, the founder of Cuenca Coworking in Ecuador.  Here are were my main takeaways from the conversation.   About Cuenca Coworking Cuenca Coworking has grown from a 1970s townhouse to eight locations across the country since 2014.  Manu is also personally invested in helping local projects meet success and often provides his own resources to help them get started. Manu sees coworking as an essential path to diversifying the…

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GCUC Radio Episode 1: Intro to Coworking Summary

I listened to episode 1 of GCUC Radio where the host, Tony Bacigalupo, kicked off the series with an introduction to coworking.  Here is what I got out of the podcast. Coworking How it Started Coworking is taking the world on by storm.  It started in 2005 in one small community in San Francisco to 780,000 in 2015.   The idea of coworking started by a few people with the same desire to get out of the house and be…