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GCUC Radio Episode 17 – Adapting to Change

Tony Bacigalupo talked to Simone Eyles of Working Spaces HQ in Wagga Wagga, a small rural town in southeastern Australia.

Simone is seen years into the world of start-ups.  She started with the idea to build a cafe and never saw herself ending up where she is now.

Starting a Business

Some people sit on an idea of years.  When people start with their first business, they have no idea what they are doing.  However, people tend to figure the process out as they go along and realize it is not that hard.  Then, by the time they are working on their second and third business, they have a better idea of what to expect and how to handle things.  Gaining experience in the field helps with being able to build a framework more quickly and adjust when things do not work out.

All businesses start with some sort of idea, product, or service thinking it is going to go a certain way.  Unfortunately, more often than not, it does not go as planned or the market tells demands adjustments. The client you are servicing should be your priority.

Keeping a Business

Instead of resisting change, catering to what your customers and moving with the market will open up opportunities and make running your business easier.  In fact, when Simone began her space, she was so focused on bringing in entrepreneurs and other startups. What she did not realize was that they were already there.  Wagga Wagga is a regional city with only about 60,000 people so she was never going to hit those massive numbers by nature. However, Simone attended GCUC in Australia where they talked about focusing on clients and emphasizing certain areas.  After the conference her mindset changed. The shift in the way she approached her business actually brought in more customers than before.


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