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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 40: Design for Community

Alex Hillman answered a question pertaining to the importance of design for community. How important is the design of a space? Alex recalled a time he went to Liberty Village, a collection of condo buildings lining the streets of a neighborhood in Canada.  The separation of the buildings is the opposite of what he thinks of when he thinks community building. The design of the condos actively divides them.  Unless you are a resident of the building, you cannot enter…

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GCUC Radio Episode 21 – Coworking Design

Tony Bacigalupo interviewed Larissa Murphy of Contrast Global, a design consultancy based in Singapore. About Larissa Murphy Larissa trained as a architect but was shocked when she found that architecture was not the dream she thought it would be.  She ended up leaving the world of architecture and quickly moved into workplace design. Workplace design is complex because you are designing for an end user.  Larissa was fascinated by the complexity of designing to fit one’s personality and creating a…

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GCUC Radio Episode 19 – Vince Pan of Analogue Studio on Design

Tony Bacigalupo talked to Vince Pan, the founder of Analogue Studio, for a new perspective from the world of space design. About Vince Pan and Analogue Studio Vince worked out of a shared workspace for a few years which he considers some of the most creative and exciting times in their office.  He enjoyed being in an environment surrounded by diverse people working on different projects. Coworking was the perfect vehicle for bringing people and ideas together. Vince has a…

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Susan King Glosby and Nora FitzGerald: Women-Owned WorkAway Solutions

Susan King Glosby and Nora FitzGerald were interviewed about WorkAway Solutions on May 31, 2018 by Sajid Islam. Background Susan and Nora knew each other as friends.  They depended on one another to take care of each other’s children and support one another’s work.  They would occasionally cowork at each other’s houses but primarily worked from home. However, one day in June of 2017, the two went to a cafe for a change of scenery.  There, they spent $40 on…

Sajani Amarasiri at Colombo Cooperative
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Sajani Amarasiri Talks About Opening Colombo Cooperative in Sri Lanka

On May 24, 2018, Sajid Islam of Discover Coworking interviewed Sajani Amarasiri about Colombo Cooperative. Inspiration Sajani was born and raised in Sri Lanka until she came to the Pittsburgh for university, at 18.  Her career took her to Seattle where she worked with Amazon and Microsoft. The year Sajani left Sri Lanka was the year the civil war ended.  When she returned to Sri Lanka, it was interesting to see how different it was when from when she left.…