Jobaerul Kaes of Scout Solutions
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A Conversation With Scout Solutions

  Tell us something about your firm’s service, Mr. Jobaerul Kaes.   We are a technology startup specializing in Wordpress. We provide two types of services. One is the Wordpress Tech Support. Basically there are some companies who do not need dedicated Wordpress developers but at times they need updates and also some development works on their sites. So they need someone who can spare probably around 5 to 10 hours per month for this work. So we provide a…

Akm Masuduzzaman MD Sami and Rifat Monzur of Tapstar
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Tapping Into The Unknown

It took days to schedule an interview with Tapstar’s A.K.M Masuduzzaman. His busy schedule and immense workload keeps him on the run everyday. Nevertheless, he took out a few minutes to narrate his own experience of operating Tapstar from a coworking space. Standing out from the crowd At Tapstar, we actually have our own products. Most companies at this coworking space provide services but we are one of the few firms which sells products. We have some mobile apps and…

Tigers App working at Hubdhaka
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At The Tigers’ Den

Shy and humble Emdadul Hoque of Tigers App is always typing away on his laptop. Being an entrepreneur and an extremely busy person, he managed to free his schedule for a quick chat to discuss his views on operating a business in a coworking space. ‘Since my student life, I never really wanted to get a conventional job,’ he reflected. ‘I did not want to be tied down to it. But coming from a middle-class family, it was expected of…

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The Unexpected Route Taken

Sometimes, becoming an entrepreneur is not something a person plans to be but becomes one by chance. While setting up a startup was never in the plans of the founders of Tech Roasters, Mohaimen Ahmed and Faisal Azad, fate had something else in store for them. The founders MA: We never planned to be entrepreneurs. We were freelancers. I was a student at North South University in their 2009 batch, and I met Faisal there as well. Both of us…