Faye Alund at CAAP Webinar May 2017

CAAP Webinar May 2017 Speaker Faye Alund: Mobilising Coworking Spaces At A National Level

  Coworking Alliance Asia Pacific (CAAP) held a live webinar on 3rd May, 2017, with Faye Alund, President of Coworking Indonesia and Co-founder of Kumpul Coworking Space. Faye is passionate about coworking, active citizenship and community building. The purpose of this session was to look at coworking spaces through an industrial lens. And how to harness its power at a national level.  Faye explained that in a country of millions like Indonesia, the involvement of government to achieve scalability is…

Kyrie Melnick at CAAP Webinar 2017

CAAP Webinar April 2017 Speaker Kyrie Melnyck: How To Increase Community Engagement Through Creative Events

Coworking Alliance Asia Pacific (CAAP) presented a live webinar on April 19, 2017 on how coworking spaces can harness the power of events to enrich their communities. The guest speaker, Kyrie Melnyck, is a freelance event consultant and the founder of 7in7, a global conference targeting digital nomads. Events being one of the mainstays of a coworking space, this session successfully addressed common questions in this regard. Coworking spaces are all about the community and value creation. While we all…

Christoph Fahle spoke at CAAP Webinar 2017

CAAP Webinar April 2017 Speaker Christoph Fahle: Partnerships Between Independent Coworking Spaces

Coworking Alliance Asia Pacific (CAAP) held a live webinar with the Christoph Fahle, founder of Europe’s biggest and most influential coworking space, Betahaus, on 12th April 2017. The discussion stressed the importance of partnerships between coworking spaces while protecting the unique identity of every coworking space. Coworking was born out of the need for synergy between individuals, community, and productivity. This can only be maximized by collaboration and mutual efforts. Betahaus, as Christoph explained, attained its massive status and recognition…

Good startups webinar April 2017 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

500 Startups | Good Startups Webinar March 2017 Speakers Justin Milano and Daniel Cordaro: How To Transform Fear Into Creativity

An online workshop held on 30th March 2017, by the founders of Good Startups, Justin Milano and Daniel Cordaro, was an insightful session of how human psychology is more impactful than ever on the entrepreneurial mind. Product-market fits, organizational strategies, marketing tactics- of course, these are important- but as our concerns and span of responsibilities grow, nurturing the mind is just as crucial. Together, these two profound speakers extract top scientific research on emotional psychology and employ them into the…

Tony Bacigalupo at CAAP Webinar on March 2017

CAAP Webinar March 2017 Speaker Tony Bacigalupo: Tricks To Build An Impactful Community

Coworking Alliance Asia Pacific (CAAP) presented a live webinar on community building in the coworking sector on March 29, 2017, with Tony Bacigalupo as the speaker. Tony, with years of experience in helping coworking communities grow across the world through his group, New Work Cities, shared interesting insight on what is a community really and how to build just the right kind. Coworking grew from the idea of the modern workforce’s need to gather in a physical location who wouldn’t…