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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 41: Future Workshop

In this episode, Alex Hillman conducted a virtual workshop surrounding one’s future.  Here is what the workshop was:

Write down personal goals for the next two to five years.

The goal should be close enough that you can imagine it realistically.  You should be able to imagine what is going to be like. It does not have to be an exact picture.  This can be something that you already have planned or thought about in the past. However, it should also be far enough away from the day to day that you are not thinking about immediate tasks that you want to get done within the span of weeks or months.  Think about the things you are doing in your free time and who you are spending that time with.

Write down professional goals for the next two to five years.

Oftentimes, some things that were written under personal goals can be written under professional goals.  This shows the overlap between the two. Often, personal and professional lives blur. There is no need to separate them completely.  Go back over your personal goals and take note of which are actually professional goals.

Write down goals for your community for the next two to five years.

Think about the community of your coworking space that you are most active in.  These goals are not necessarily what you are doing for the community. Rather, it is about who is in that community and what do they do.  Think about what you have in common and how you want to be a part of the community.


It is powerful to break these goals apart because it makes it easier to see how interlocked they really are.  Each one supports the others. This exercise gives clues on where to focus your energy and effort and what you should be doing to bring yourself closer to these goals.


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