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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 42: Intern’s View

Alex Hillman talked to Indy Hall intern, Mike Mehalick about what it means to develop professionally as a college intern.

Mike was in a business class where he was assigned project.  This project was to come up with a business plan. As an audio engineer,  his idea was to make a space that was collaborative and focused around musicians.  His professor liked the idea and knew about Indy Hall. He sent Mike Alex’s contact info and said they were doing something similar to his project idea.

Initial Impression

Mike was initially caught by the artwork around the space and on the website.  It seemed like a hangout. He had no idea what was happening workwise. All Mike thought was that it seemed like a cool art hangout space.  He was just starting to learn what it all meant.

People who come into Indy Hall, and coworking in general, knowing exactly what they want to do tend to get the least out of it.  Mike was still exploring options for after graduation. He wanted to see what was out there which made Indy Hall perfect for him.

Indy Hall’s Impact

Daily Goals

Having daily goals has provided a mental check.  Indy Hall has a “Daily Goals” Slack channel which was mentioned in a previous episode.  Mike said that having a system like that keeps him focused and allows him to have creative goals.

He usually lists what he has on his plate for the day.  It puts his goals into a small, easily digestible list. This makes the community aware of what you are doing.  You can check tasks off as you go which makes time management a lot easier.

Future Goals

Mike mentioned how he has gotten so many opportunities through his work with Indy Hall.  It has opened his mind up to the fact that this medium stretches everywhere. People want to be heard.  He is coming from the music world, but there are other formats to get your voice out there.

The collaborative business for musicians idea is still just an idea.  However, he is able to talk to people with resources or connections. He can discuss what it would mean to have a record store label type of business.  This helps him get out of his own comfort zone. Mike is considered more introverted but Indy Hall has pushed him to branch out.

Indy Hall is an environment where everyone has the opportunity to do anything that they want to do.  It makes it easier to make connections to advance your goals.


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