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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 41: Future Workshop

In this episode, Alex Hillman conducted a virtual workshop surrounding one’s future.  Here is what the workshop was: Write down personal goals for the next two to five years. The goal should be close enough that you can imagine it realistically.  You should be able to imagine what is going to be like. It does not have to be an exact picture.  This can be something that you already have planned or thought about in the past. However, it should…

Alex Hillman PodcastCoworking

Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 20: Future of Work

Alex Hillman answered questions on the future of work. What does the term ‘coworking’ mean to you specifically? Coworking has become such a broad term to mean so many different things.  It is really just the ability to take a look at how people work together. More specifically, coworking is how they work together when they do not have to.  A coworking space provides an opportunity for you to be around people you choose. Trust and relationships come first when…

Liz Elam welcomed everyone at GCUC 2018 event.

GCUC 2018 – Day 1 – Welcome

There were three themes at GCUC 2018.  Liz Elam, GCUC Executive Producer and Founder of Link Coworking laid them out.   Three Main Themes for GCUC 2018 Health is your most valuable asset.  However, health is different from healthcare.  In the United States, we often associate health with disease prevention.  What we mean by health is that we need to be addressing wellness, both mental and environmental in our spaces.  We currently have a loneliness epidemic circling the world. The…