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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 34: Community and Trust

Alex Hillman talked to Pilar, an expert in the virtual world with an interest in people and their interactions.


There is a difference between people who want to be around one another versus those who want space.  Just because you are not in the building, does not mean you are not part of the community. People can be an active part of the community even when they are not in the room.  They do not have to disassociate when they do not need the space anymore.

The way people interact with space is different.  While the end product often looks similar, the process in which it is achieved varies.  When community comes together to make the space possible, it can be molded into their own.  Community can be commoditized when defined a certain way. However, community is what makes businesses more resilient.


How trust is formed and destroyed in the workplace is essential.  When you do not trust your coworkers or they do not trust you, work is harder.  Proving to someone you understand what they are trying to accomplish and earning their trust by following through and delivering is essential.

In most workplaces, you do not get to spend time getting to know someone until work is already underway.  A trusted relationship is a strong foundation to build off of but is often neglected. Personal and business relationships are not all that different.  Although, some people do choose to differentiate the two.

A lot of business relationships lack the foundation of trust.  Usually, professional relationships have a more competitive environment.  So, the level of trust one feels is typically based on how little they feel the other person is trying to undermine them.  What would happen if business was conducted in the same manner as our personal relationships?

Projects with people you trust tend to be more fruitful.  They require less cognitive overhead and reduce the amount of stress.  Take time to build these meaningful relationships and watch your output and quality of worklife improve.


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