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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 35: Music

In a Q&A session, Alex Hillman answered a question about music in the workplace.

What music is on your ultimate coworking playlist?

Everyone has their personal preference as to how much and what kind of ambience is present in their work environment.  However, having some music playing in the background is typically better than having none at all. It avoids any kind of silence that needs to be broken.  The little background music can make more people comfortable to interact with other people than if the space were completely quiet.

What kind of music you play depends largely on the community.  Indy Hall has a variety of different playlists that they cycle through.  Mixing it up is better than having one specific playlist. Do not be afraid to change it up.  Music is a good way to influence the mood of the room. Indy Hall allows members to have input on what kind of music is played.  Members can contribute and add to the playlists.

Make sure your members know how to go about it when they do not like what is playing.  Let them know that they have a say.


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