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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 34: Community and Trust

Alex Hillman talked to Pilar, an expert in the virtual world with an interest in people and their interactions. Community There is a difference between people who want to be around one another versus those who want space.  Just because you are not in the building, does not mean you are not part of the community. People can be an active part of the community even when they are not in the room.  They do not have to disassociate when…

Ashley Proctor took the How to scale a community session in GCUC USA 17

How to scale a community – Ashley Proctor – GCUC USA’17 Unconference

The second day of the three-day-long annual GCUC USA'17 had an unconference with a renowned name in the coworking industry - Ashley Proctor. She is the founder of Creative Blueprint, co-founder of Coworking Toronto and Coworking Ontario. She is also the executive director of 312 Main Project in Vancouver and GCUC Canada. The session began with the audience introducing themselves citing own name, place of origin and current activities regarding coworking. Megan Johnson of Social House raised a question about how can…