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How to get Free Market Research

We previously talked to Melanie Banayat of Wingspace in Prescott, Arizona who leveraged resources at a local college to get free market research.  Joanna Cabalquinto interviewed her once again to get a more in-depth guide on how it was done. Free Market Research Melanie’s very first step was to utilize the resources at a local college.  If this is available to you, take full advantage of it. Melanie reached out to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University knowing they had a business program…

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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 6: Coworking Europe Conference Part 2

This episode is the second half of Andy Hillman and Adam Teterus’s discussion on the annual Coworking Europe Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.  They talked about how to bring the experiences from the conference back home to their own community. Unconferences At the conference there were a lot of speculative unconference questions.  These unconference questions tell you what people care about. Unconferences allow people to share in a group of people that understand what they are talking about.  Others can offer…

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Charlotte Kirby: Sole Founder and Operator of The Village Hive

Charlotte Kirby of The Village Hive was interviewed by Joanna Cabalquinto on July 23, 2018. Background Prior to opening The Village Hive, Charlotte worked in the corporate world for the government and health care.  However, she felt boxed in by these jobs that did not allow her to use her creative mind to its full extent. When she made the switch to consulting, she found herself missing colleagues and the office atmosphere.   While consulting, she visited another coworking space…

Alex Hillman
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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 5: Coworking Europe Conference

Alex Hillman and Adam Teterus recorded this episode from Lisbon, Portugal where they attended the Coworking Europe Conference.  The two discussed what these types of conferences are like. Introduction Every year the conference is different because there are new people coming in addition to those who have attended previously.  The community at the conference varies each year depending on who is there. Despite the varying attendance, it is equally valuable every year. While there is basic information that returning people…

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Revisiting Brickyard’s Founder: Ann Orem

Last year, Discover Coworking interviewed Brickyard founder, Ann Orem.  We circled back with her on July 24, 2018 after a year. Since the last interview, some of our staff have become a member of Brickyard and are operating from within the space. Expansion Last time we spoke with Ann, Brickyard just completed their second expansion.  This time, Brickyard completed their third. With the Ashburn, Virginia location up and running, Ann is now ready to expand into other markets.  She has…