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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 44: What Happens When People Leave

Alex Hillman took the audio from a Facebook live video he did that got positive feedback on what to do when people leave and turned it into a podcast.

Over Indexing

When you put so much work into bringing people together, it stings when they leave.  

People often over index one unsubscriber and ignore or forget about the many more people who signed up or joined.  There is so much anxiety surrounding people that leave a space. We need to have thicker skin. Do not get so hurt when someone leaves your space.  In fact, you should change your outlook on the whole situation. Instead of seeing it as a community member leaving, see it as putting a community member out into the world to show what they can do.  When they are out in the world, they can tell people about where they came from and their previous accomplishments.

In fact, people oftentimes come back to their hometown with what they learned in other areas of the world.  If you are going to over index something, it should be that. We tend to perceive the things we do not like to be greater than they actually are while ignoring the good.


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