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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 49: Ask the Members

Alex Hillman and Adam Teterus approached the podcast in a new way.  This episode was focused on asking members

Asking Members

Coworking is an environment full of people.  Inevitably, there will be ideas that do not work out.  However, members are often forgotten throughout this whole process.  Asking members is much more than a survey or a vote. In these instances, there are set options that members are expected to choose between.  There is a fine line between directly asking the question and explaining why you are even asking the question. We are used to trying to problem solve in our own minds.  Sharing something that is too far thought out is hard when there is a chance that it might be rejected. So, some people choose not to share at all.

Prompting Conversation

Before you go in on a conversation, you need to set the stage.  Take a moment to identify what you want to say, what assumptions you are making, and to figure out a trajectory.  It does not have to be an open discussion where any and all suggestions are welcome. You can tune the conversation and direct it a certain way by changing how you ask a question.  

Ask about what members are not happy with, what could be improved.  It shows your awareness for the space. The willingness to admit that something is wrong is a huge step towards inviting meaningful conversation.  You do not have to ask for thoughts or input. You can simply ask for observations. However, be sure to share why you are looking into whatever topic you are discussing.  It is easy to forget that members do not all experience the same thing. They are all involved in their own things. Never assume everyone is on the same page as you.


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