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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 48: Coworking Europe Brussels Part 2

Alex Hillman and Sam Abrams continued their discussion on the Coworking Europe Conference from the last episode.  Sam related her workshop to improv.


Something that is taken for granted in the coworking industry is community.  There is an assumption that you should be successful in community if you take certain steps or do certain things.  You learn community building skills with practice. No one is naturally good at community building. It takes practice, time, and dedication.  If you do a little bit everyday whenever you can, you will get better.

If someone comes out with an idea, it is important to respond to that idea and build on it.  It is easy to fall into patterns of thinking that are not the “yes and” mentality. The more subtle “yes but” mentality is harder to shake.  Building off the original idea without discounting it in any way is a difficult thing to do.

Building things together so that you are working alongside members is one of the most effective ways to accelerate collaboration.  Do not be afraid to go in on an idea. When we “yes but” ourselves we second guess ourselves. When you are comfortable and confident with yourself and with your partner, you are willing to go farther.  Trust is the biggest factor in this. Find where you are and where you need to be to help move your goals along.


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