Christoph Fahle spoke at CAAP Webinar 2017

CAAP Webinar April 2017 Speaker Christoph Fahle: Partnerships Between Independent Coworking Spaces

Coworking Alliance Asia Pacific (CAAP) held a live webinar with the Christoph Fahle, founder of Europe’s biggest and most influential coworking space, Betahaus, on 12th April 2017. The discussion stressed the importance of partnerships between coworking spaces while protecting the unique identity of every coworking space.

Coworking was born out of the need for synergy between individuals, community, and productivity. This can only be maximized by collaboration and mutual efforts. Betahaus, as Christoph explained, attained its massive status and recognition through frequent partnership events, exchanging members and projects between coworking spaces and its flagship startup competition, Betapitch, which takes places in partnering spaces all over the world.

Christoph also stressed on the need for healthy competition through collaboration. Every coworking space has its personal vibe and fills up a unique niche. If your coworking space is catering to your target market, has a differential appeal and is home to a strong community- competition can do no harm. Rather, if harnessed correctly, it will be of tremendous service to the customer base.

The One Coworking app is his effort to unite independent coworking spaces and facilitate global roaming between them. With flexible membership and access to a worldwide network of coworking spaces, this app hopes to use the collective mind and the growth mentality to improve the coworking experience. Coworking is, after all, a global movement and global integration is important for the modern workforce to perform at its peak.

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