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A glimpse at the Locus Serviced Office

Founder’s Corner – Abir Mallick – Locus Serviced Office

Words out on Locus Serviced Office, which is conveniently located in the heart of the new business location in Dhaka. It’s Founder; Abir Mallick talked about the coworking scene in Bangladesh. He also gave an in-depth assessment of the efforts that went into making Locus a ‘total solution workspace.’ Why coworking? Mr. Mallick has been working in the IT industry for the last 15-20 years. During his consultancy work in several countries, he used to take memberships in several coworking…

Md. Anisar Rahman at Hubdhaka

Md. Anisar Rahman: Coworking – A means to achieve your goals

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it,” said Charles Buxton, a writer and member of Parliament. The quote is most suitable for Md. Ansar Rahman, CEO of VineTECH. He had always hoped to be an entrepreneur, but Mr. Anisar found himself working at Tressa Electronics, playing the role of Deputy General Manager of their software division. Mr. Anisar had not given up on his ambitions, nor was he procrastinating; while efficiently fulfilling…

Moar Founders. Nahid Sharmin and Nabila Nowrin

Coworker’s Corner: Moar

Back in 2015, the entire concept of coworking was alien to the majority of the Bangladeshi startups. ‘Some people came in, thinking that it was a restaurant!’ said Nahid Sharmin, one of the co-owners of Moar. Amidst their hectic schedules, the owners of Moar, Nahid Sharmin and Nabila Nowrin graciously made time to sit with us for a candid interview on their experiences in coworking. The word Moar is a Bengali word meaning ‘turning point.’ With that thought in mind,…

Ashiq Rahman, Fuad Abdul Quader, Rubaiyat Alam and Abir Chowdhury of Hive

Coworker’s Corner: Hive

Back in February 2016, four friends, Ashiq Rahman, Fuad Abdul Quader, Rubaiyat Alam and Abir Chowdhury began to plan about setting up their coworking space in Dhaka. But establishing a coworking space was no easy feat. The founders of Hive, found out this the hard way. ‘Hive has been started by us four friends, and at that time we were in a transition period of relocating to Dhaka,’ Ashiq said in a chat session. ‘We have our ventures and other…