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Md. Anisar Rahman: Coworking – A means to achieve your goals

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it,” said Charles Buxton, a writer and member of Parliament. The quote is most suitable for Md. Ansar Rahman, CEO of VineTECH. He had always hoped to be an entrepreneur, but Mr. Anisar found himself working at Tressa Electronics, playing the role of Deputy General Manager of their software division.

Mr. Anisar had not given up on his ambitions, nor was he procrastinating; while efficiently fulfilling his role as a DGM, he was doing research and preparing for his ultimate entrepreneurial goal, establishing his business. After three years at Tressa Electronics, he felt it was time to pursue his ambitions.

He soon chose to leave his position at Tressa Electronics, and focus his attention and efforts on his company. VineTECH, incorporated in 2009, is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service provider based in local (Bangladesh) and foreign. Their clientele includes Beximco Pharmaceuticals, BRAC Bank, Bangladesh Army, etc. They provide software and hardware related services all over Bangladesh.

Working from home was not a suitable option for him, so he began to look for other options. He came upon Regus, but their virtual office service did not suit his need either. His search was over when a friend informed him about the existence of Hubdhaka, the first coworking space in Bangladesh. He took full advantage of the amenities offered by a coworking space to advance the operations of his company. Mr. Anisar mentioned that he had successful sessions with other members, where they were able to help him get a different perspective. He was also a regular occupant of the meeting rooms in the coworking space, which resulted in successful interactions.

Following a common trend, Mr. Anisar worked towards obtaining an office space of his own. While he was at Hubdhaka, he came up with an idea for a device. During the interview, he emphasized the contributions the coworking space made towards the making of the invention. The insights and skillshare from the other members of the space were invaluable, and he was grateful for their efforts.

VineTECH launched the device called Express RMS (Remote Monitoring System) Display two months ago. BRAC Bank currently uses the device. It monitors all critical parameters and sends an alarming SMS to five people. It compares the present value with the real-time value and then notifies any worrisome situation via SMS with the location, time and status. This device is designed for ATM booths.

There we go, what was meant to be a discussion to reveal the pros and cons of leveraging a coworking space, led to the discovery of a great success story of a coworking member. Mr. Anisar Rahman had a vision for his future. He worked hard for it and used all the resources at hand to achieve it; one of the resources was a coworking space.

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