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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 28: Priorities for Finding a Space

Alex Hillman discussed three considerations Indy Hall took with their move into a new building.

Top Three Priorities

  1. The person you will be dealing with
    • Alex needed someone who can be worked with honestly.  Straight shooters who will be open and honest are preferred.
    • There are many real estate vultures so you have to weed among the lazy, opportunistic people.  This takes time but it is worth it in the end. People who are genuinely interested in achieving your goals will ask questions and respond to you.
    • Relationships should be prioritized over transactions.  Find someone can deliver on what they promise. If they can follow through, it is worth pursuing a relationship with them.  
  2. Location
    • Choose one based on where your community is already comfortable being.
      • The neighborhood Indy Hall is in works because people perceive it as easy to get to.
    • Think about where people already go and how effective public transit is.  If you do not already have a community these questions will be hard to answer.  That is why it is important to build community first.
  3. Community
    • If you community is on board with the project, then you can make it work.  You are not trying to sell them on the space but on what the space lets them do.  It is all about actions and interactions.
    • Frame the space for the community.  Instead of thinking how to move into a space that is laid out a certain way, look at what you can do to make the space better.  Try to see the potential in the space. The perfect spot is not the goal. Open up dialogue with your community about a space’s imperfections and how to go about it.

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