Carsten Foertsch founder of Deskmag presenting the findings of Global Coworking Survey 2016
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CUAsia-February 2017-Chiang Mai, Thailand-Carsten Foertsch: Global Coworking Survey 2016

Carsten Foertsch, the founder of Deskmag, presented the findings of Global Coworking Survey 2016 at the Unconference in CUAsia 2017. Deskmag is the biggest and oldest online media platform about coworking. In almost every article and news piece on coworking you see, Global Coworking Survey is cited, it is the most comprehensive source of data on coworking industry on Earth. He presented the Asian and Global results of the 2016 Global Coworking Survey, which have been reported by the employees,…

Pieter Levels speaking about what coworking spaces should be doing
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CUAsia-February 2017-Chiang Mai, Thailand-Pieter Levels: What coworking spaces should be doing better?

The second speaker at the Unconference in CUAsia 2017  was Pieter Levels. He attracted a lot of attention by being able to launch 12 startups in 12 months. He made good on that and better, 2 of the more well-known companies that he started are; NomadList, which ranks cities around the world as being more or less attractive for digital nomads, and RemoteOk which is now the world’s biggest remote only job site. Pieter, also known as ‘a superuser’ in the…

Juliette Morgan speaking on the sex of real estate in CUAsia February 17
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CUASia-February 2017-Chiang Mai, Thailand-Juliette Morgan: What’s happening in real estate?

The first speaker of the Unconference at CUAsia 2017 was Juliette Morgan, who spoke on the ‘sex of real estate.’ She is a partner in the London market for Cushman & Wakefield, where she runs their futures group and a property accelerator. Juliette began her talk with what she referred to as ‘35,000-foot money’ which is a global investment into real estate that is driving inequality in cities and forcing those who can’t afford to stay out of the cities.…

Melina Chan talking what is unconference in CUASIA February 2017

CUAsia-February 2017-Chiang Mai, Thailand-Melina Chan: What is Unconference?

Melina Chan spoke at the CUAsia 2017 where she held a session to explain the concept behind an unconference - What it is? And how it works? “An unconference is where there are no set topic or speakers. The idea is that we all have the answers to all our questions in the room here already”, said Melina. The format of an unconference is about unlocking answers and sharing them. Here, all the members of the conference have two roles,…

Frank Cottle and Martin Senn took how to sell services session

How to sell services – Frank Cottle & Martin Senn – GCUC USA’17 Unconference

On the second day of GCUC USA 2017, Frank Cottle of Alliance Business Centers Network and Martin Senn of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions engaged themselves in a  spontaneous conversation with the audience. They shared various experiences and strategies regarding different models of growing and expanding a business in the coworking industry. Felina Hanson of Hera Hub explained how her company got the money from SBA’s business acceleration fund. She decided to invest it into a coworking space for special programming,…