Jerome Chang talking about designing coworking space in CAMP GCUC USA 17

Design – Jerome Chang – GCUC USA’17 CAMP

The second of the four major sessions at GCUC USA'17 CAMP this year was taken by Jerome Chang. He has been designing coworking spaces for almost a decade now. He founded Blankspaces in 2008 and also co-founded and in 2011 and 2013 respectively. Jerome shared his views about phone booths, windows and more concerning their contribution to the overall efficiency and privacy of the coworking space.  The majority of this session was about the advantages, disadvantages and the…

Nick Clark at GCUC USA 17 Camp Session

Finance – Nick Clark – GCUC USA’17 CAMP Session

CAMP GCUC is a unique experience GCUC offers every year. It aims to give the new enthusiasts coming into the coworking sphere a one-day crash course covering four major areas of the business – finance, design, community, and technology. It has been a vital force behind the rise of many new creators in the past years. GCUC USA’17 CAMP started with Liz Elam – the Executive Producer of GCUC and Link Coworking – giving a brief idea about how coworking…