Neal Gorenflo taking session on future cities at GCUC 2018

GCUC 2018 – Day 2 – Future Cities

On day 3 of the conference there was a breakout session led by Neal Gorenflo, the Cofounder, Chief Editor, and Executive Director of Shareable. About Shareable: Shareable believes in the sharing transformation.  It’s goals include building a green economy that serves everyone and creating meaningful lives together to show that it is possible to govern ourselves.  Shareable wants to solve the issues like poverty and global warming through collaboration. A Career In Sharing Neal notes that there is a lot…

Day 1 at the GCUC

GCUC 2018 – Day 1 – Coworking in the Future City

In the "Coworking in the Future City" panel consisting of Jayson White, Executive Director of Adaptive Office Resources, Cat Johnson of Cat Johnson Co., Neal Gorenflo, Co-Founder, Chief Editor, and Executive Director of Shareable, Liz Elam, GCUC Executive Producer, and Ashley Proctor, Executive Director of 312 and Executive Producer of GCUC Canada.  The panel discussed how to use coworking to build a world more focused on humans. The Future City The panel started the conference off by stating the need…