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Shajedul Haque of Sadia Corporation at Hubdhaka

Tête-à-Tête With Sadia Corporation

  Tell us something about your firm’s service, Mr. Shajedul Haque. Well, I actually have three firms. The one which is more known right now is Sadia Corporation because it is a joint venture with RFL Plastics. This one is my first business venture. We quote and look after the deals on the industrial side. Also, there is some industrial equipment of RFL Plastics. We are the first ones to supply these to different factories nationwide in enclosed volumes. The…

Members of Chattermill at Hubdhaka rooftop

Chat With Chattermill

When it comes to coworking, what we perceive is that it is a setting for startups to work together under one roof. But who said coworking is only limited to startups? Chattermill Bangladesh is is an example of the challenging that notion that only startups can cowork. Well established firms can opt for coworking as well. Chattermill is an UK based customer experience enhancing company and currently has operations in Bangladesh as well. We caught up with Mohammed Safquat Alam,…

Dhaka Insider at Hubdhaka Coworking

The Insider’s Thoughts

After three years, Hubdhaka is going to bid adieu to its oldest member, Dhaka Insider, in the coming March. Starting its business in 2014, Dhaka Insider was the first member at Hubdhaka’s coworking space. We caught up with Rafaat Wasik Ahmed of Dhaka Insider, to share his thoughts on his journey of coworking and about the plans for his firm in the future. Graduating from the 16th batch of IBA-DU, one of the most prestigious universities of Bangladesh, Mr. Ahmed…