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Happy Hour at LaunchHouse

Todd Goldstein: Founder/CEO of LaunchHouse Talks Solidifying Location

Todd Goldstein, founder and CEO of LaunchHouse, was interviewed by Sajid Islam on June 21, 2018.  LaunchHouse started back in May 2008 when the term “coworking” was not really used. Starting Up Originally from Cleveland, Todd went away for college but decided to come back after graduation.  While working in real estate, Todd was recruited to work for a medical tech startup company outside of Cleveland.  He spent two years with them, continuing his own entrepreneurial real estate business on…

Wingspace Happy Hour

Melanie Banayat of Wingspace: First Coworking Space in County

On June 20, 2018, Melanie Banayat was interviewed by Sajid Islam about founding Wingspace. Wingspace is a 3,000 square foot space located in a tiny, desert town of Prescott, Arizona.  Despite its relatively small size, Wingspace has a great energy about it. It was the first coworking space in the entire county.  In fact, before she started this project, Melanie, herself, never heard of coworking. Background Melanie worked from home for almost her whole adult life.  She had been doing it…

Front Desk and Interior of Launch

Jason Abbott: Launch in Winnipeg, Canada

Jason Abbott was interviewed about his coworking space, Launch, by Sajid Islam on June 20, 2018. [caption id="attachment_1924" align="alignnone" width="300"] Headshot of Founder, Jason Abbott[/caption] Background Jason Abbott used to work out of one of the premier coworking spaces in the US, Kahoots.  There he had an amazing experience working in a community that allowed him to be productive.  When he went back home to Winnipeg, he wanted to do something like it but could not find any spaces that…

Logo of the Workspace Suites

Herman Ayala of Workspace Suites: From Renting to Opening

Sajid Islam interviewed Herman Ayala, founder of Workspace Suites, on June 20, 2018. Background Prior to founding Workspace Suites, Herman worked in accounting with some large PA firms in Texas.  These firms had pretty nice office spaces. However, there was a transition into more modern office as workspaces moved away from the traditional model. Being in the accounting world, Herman is always looking for something new to have as a side venture.  Herman himself was always paying rent on office…

FH+H celebrating the opening of Chisel

France Hoang and Tom Craig: Founding Chisel – A Space for Lawyers

On June 4, 2018, Sajid Islam interviewed France Hoang and Tom Craig of Chisel.   Chisel is a slang term for lawyers.  Accordingly, Chisel is a coworking space specifically for lawyers built within a law firm, FH+H. Finding a Niche France and Tom were partners together on the law firm, FH+H.  Fh+H is a very entrepreneurial law firm. Part of what differentiates FH+H from other firms is that the Lawyers are also entrepreneurial.  The firm itself is always looking for…