Cape Town

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Founders of The Cowork Space - Wilna Beukes and Pauline Hawthorne

Coworker’s Corner: The Cowork Space Pinelands

The Cowork Space in Pinelands Cape Town is known for its aesthetic and intimate feel. Pinelands is a close-knit community which made it the perfect setting when Wilna Beukes and Pauline Hawthorne decided to start The Cowork Space in October of 2015. After running their own businesses from home for several years they felt that they needed human interaction, working from home was great but it gets lonely after a while. Pauline decided to look for a coworking space first…

Erik Brits and Rudelee at Greenpoint Coworking

Coworker’s Corner: Greenpoint Coworking

Greenpoint Coworking is a coworking space based in Greenpoint South Africa and was founded in July of 2016 by Erik Brits and his wife Rudelee. Together they have given the coworking space a fresh approach. Erik is very educated, having attained degrees in Physics, Astrophysics and Economics. After completing his studies, he entered a startup competition where he did fantastically and won! He spent a year chasing this dream, but decided to call it quits and focus his attention elsewhere.…