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Adrian Marnewick And The Coworking Experience

We recently chatted to Adrian Marnewick about his coworking experience and the impact this has had on his businesses. Adrian is the Co-founder and Managing Director of WorksheetCloud and Learning Lab Apps.

Learning Lab Apps develops educational web and mobile applications for Primary and High School students. The apps are curriculum based, giving students the assistance they need to excel at school. The apps also focus on students specific needs, lending a helping hand in the specific areas they struggle in.

Adrian has found that he likes the flexibility of coworking in that he doesn’t need to work from home every day and yet he isn’t obligated to be at an “office” either. His entire company works remotely and after working from home for a while he realized that it’s only once his wife gets home that he realizes he hasn’t used his voice all day. He’s found that he needs some human interaction and uses The Cowork Space to bounce ideas off people and to network.

Six of his employees are Cape Town based and he has been renting a private office at The Cowork Space since September of 2016. This gives his team members to opportunity to work from there if they feel they need the support or just want to get out of the house for a while.

Adrian had previously worked at a Regus office but found that it was too corporate and not suitable for his needs.  He enjoys speaking to other members and found that Regus was very formal and quiet.

The Cowork Space has assisted in the growth of Learning Lab Apps in that during the relaunch period all staff members could come to the space and work together. Adrian also found that the space was fantastic and had very limited challenges because everything they needed was provided.

Adrian mentions that coworking may not be for everyone but as a remote or freelance worker the benefits are endless. You get what you give. Smile, get to know people and network. You never know what the person next to you could help you with, or vice versa.

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