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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 46: How to Build a Network

In a conversation with Adam Teterus, Alex Hillman discussed an article by Alice Dundon , a barista from Berlin.  The article was entitled "Behind the Bar: 5 Ways to Build a Meaningful Network in a Coworking Space." Taking Interest Taking interest in people’s lives take a certain degree of curiosity.  There should a genuine give and take between what is exchanged. The different between taking and faking interest is the feeling of comfort one feels.  If someone is taking interest…

FH+H celebrating the opening of Chisel
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France Hoang and Tom Craig: Founding Chisel – A Space for Lawyers

On June 4, 2018, Sajid Islam interviewed France Hoang and Tom Craig of Chisel.   Chisel is a slang term for lawyers.  Accordingly, Chisel is a coworking space specifically for lawyers built within a law firm, FH+H. Finding a Niche France and Tom were partners together on the law firm, FH+H.  Fh+H is a very entrepreneurial law firm. Part of what differentiates FH+H from other firms is that the Lawyers are also entrepreneurial.  The firm itself is always looking for…

Greg Lindsay giving speech on Cities-as-a-Service session GCUC USA 2017

Cities-as-a-Service – Greg Lindsay – GCUC USA’17 Day 1

The first day of Global Coworking Unconference Conference - GCUC USA 2017 began with a session conducted by, Greg Lindsay. He is a member of the NewCities Foundation and a contributing writer for Fast Company. He is also the co-author of Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next. The session was titled Cities-as-a-Service. He discussed the details of how countless opportunities could be created from cities if utilized correctly. Few years ago, Greg toured the city of London with Peter Wynne…