Saif Ibn Mazhar of Tech Candle BD Hubdhaka
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Lighting The Way

For Saif Ibn Mazhar, the road to entrepreneurship was not easy. His first venture, Think Forest, was formed with a lot of hard work and high expectations. But his very first try at being an entrepreneur did not work out as expected, and the firm had to be closed down in a few months. ‘It was a major setback for us,’ he said to us. ‘We just started off at that time, and we had to close it down. We…

Akm Masuduzzaman MD Sami and Rifat Monzur of Tapstar
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Tapping Into The Unknown

It took days to schedule an interview with Tapstar’s A.K.M Masuduzzaman. His busy schedule and immense workload keeps him on the run everyday. Nevertheless, he took out a few minutes to narrate his own experience of operating Tapstar from a coworking space. Standing out from the crowd At Tapstar, we actually have our own products. Most companies at this coworking space provide services but we are one of the few firms which sells products. We have some mobile apps and…

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The Unexpected Route Taken

Sometimes, becoming an entrepreneur is not something a person plans to be but becomes one by chance. While setting up a startup was never in the plans of the founders of Tech Roasters, Mohaimen Ahmed and Faisal Azad, fate had something else in store for them. The founders MA: We never planned to be entrepreneurs. We were freelancers. I was a student at North South University in their 2009 batch, and I met Faisal there as well. Both of us…