Good startups webinar April 2017 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

500 Startups | Good Startups Webinar March 2017 Speakers Justin Milano and Daniel Cordaro: How To Transform Fear Into Creativity

An online workshop held on 30th March 2017, by the founders of Good Startups, Justin Milano and Daniel Cordaro, was an insightful session of how human psychology is more impactful than ever on the entrepreneurial mind. Product-market fits, organizational strategies, marketing tactics- of course, these are important- but as our concerns and span of responsibilities grow, nurturing the mind is just as crucial. Together, these two profound speakers extract top scientific research on emotional psychology and employ them into the…

Tony Bacigalupo at CAAP Webinar on March 2017

CAAP Webinar March 2017 Speaker Tony Bacigalupo: Tricks To Build An Impactful Community

Coworking Alliance Asia Pacific (CAAP) presented a live webinar on community building in the coworking sector on March 29, 2017, with Tony Bacigalupo as the speaker. Tony, with years of experience in helping coworking communities grow across the world through his group, New Work Cities, shared interesting insight on what is a community really and how to build just the right kind. Coworking grew from the idea of the modern workforce’s need to gather in a physical location who wouldn’t…

Founders of The Cowork Space - Wilna Beukes and Pauline Hawthorne
Cape TownOperator StoriesSouth Africa

Coworker’s Corner: The Cowork Space Pinelands

The Cowork Space in Pinelands Cape Town is known for its aesthetic and intimate feel. Pinelands is a close-knit community which made it the perfect setting when Wilna Beukes and Pauline Hawthorne decided to start The Cowork Space in October of 2015. After running their own businesses from home for several years they felt that they needed human interaction, working from home was great but it gets lonely after a while. Pauline decided to look for a coworking space first…

Adrian Marnewick member of The Cowork Space
Members Stories

Adrian Marnewick And The Coworking Experience

We recently chatted to Adrian Marnewick about his coworking experience and the impact this has had on his businesses. Adrian is the Co-founder and Managing Director of WorksheetCloud and Learning Lab Apps. Learning Lab Apps develops educational web and mobile applications for Primary and High School students. The apps are curriculum based, giving students the assistance they need to excel at school. The apps also focus on students specific needs, lending a helping hand in the specific areas they struggle…

Erik Brits and Rudelee at Greenpoint Coworking
Cape TownCoworking SpaceOperator StoriesSouth Africa

Coworker’s Corner: Greenpoint Coworking

Greenpoint Coworking is a coworking space based in Greenpoint South Africa and was founded in July of 2016 by Erik Brits and his wife Rudelee. Together they have given the coworking space a fresh approach. Erik is very educated, having attained degrees in Physics, Astrophysics and Economics. After completing his studies, he entered a startup competition where he did fantastically and won! He spent a year chasing this dream, but decided to call it quits and focus his attention elsewhere.…