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Byron Tudhope On Why Coworking

Byron Tudhope is a software developer based in Cape Town. He started his own company in April of last year and after doing it part time for a few months he decided to take the plunge and do it full time in January this year.

Most IT companies in Cape Town are open to developers working from home so it wasn’t a massive shock to do it full time, but Byron felt it would be better to be among like-minded individuals. He also found himself in a rut where he discovered that often days would pass without him leaving home. This is obviously not ideal as he struggled with the divide between work and home, leaving him stressed and frustrated. So, after spending a month at home, he thought he’d give coworking a go.

Byron was familiar with the coworking concept as one of his companies subdivided their offices to offer such a space to freelancers. His process to find a suitable coworking space was rather systematic, he took a friend and set up a spreadsheet with pro’s and con’s. And after visiting a number of spaces, both friends decided on Greenpoint Coworking.

He found that the biggest determining factor for him in choosing to work at Greenpoint Coworking was internet. Some of the other spaces did not have the infrastructure he required and others charged extra for bundles of data. He appreciates the fact that Greenpoint Coworking includes all data costs in your rent price. He also likes that the price includes your desk, coffee and such.

Byron loves the idea of working remotely and often outsources work to friends, colleagues and trusted developers abroad. He also thinks that coworking has assisted in the growth of his business in that he has built connections and even have the possibility to start up other ventures with people from the coworking space.

Community is also a big win for Byron. He enjoys that people are so open and enjoys the company and community of the coworking space. They often go get lunch together, go for Friday drinks or play games in the breakroom.

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