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GCUC 2018 – Day 1 – Adapting to the New Media Age

Video games have influenced nearly 50 years of how humans interact and work with the world.  Trisha Williams and Joseph Unger, Founders/Chief Executive Officers at Pigeon Hole Productions, discuss how virtual reality has become part of our everyday lives.

We are constantly interacting with digital space which is directly impacting our physical space.  Despite popular belief, gamers do like to be with other people.

Games and Coworking

Games are holistic systems that people explore through play.  This is redefining how we interact with each other as well as out work spaces.  They play an enormous role in unifying masses of people. It becomes a collaborative environment as things move offline and into augmented reality and workspaces.  We do not necessarily need office space for the individual work but the collaborative efforts require a place to meet and congregate.

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is making a big divide in our workforce.  Do not just think it is for kids or millenials. You should think of digital literacy the same way they think of literacy itself.  You are never too old to learn to be more digitally literate. There are roughly 2.2 billion gamers worldwide that are going to be coming into the workforce with great skill in digital literacy.  Gamers explore all frontiers of media. In America, the split between gamers and non gamers is about 50-50. This means that the split in those who are digitally literate is about 50-50 as well.


This is a newer concept in Northern America but it has been around for a couple of decades, particularly in North Asia and Europe.  It is starting to redefine a lot. There is a division in New York that is utilizing eSport in high schools and colleges environments to train teams.  This helps people develop leadership skills, especially when building in virtual environments. eSport is currently a 1.5 billion dollar industry with an expected 38% growth rate just for the next year.  The future is no longer just about the people who are making the games. It is the people that are playing the games that matter.



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