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Md. Aminul Islam – “Coworking is a beautiful concept”

Let’s get to know another coworker. Md. Aminul Islam is the CEO of Shahin’s Help Line. It is a consultancy firm that specializes in Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and SME entrepreneurs. They provide legal documentation services to new and established startups and entrepreneurs. They even offer free consultations via phone, Shahin’s Help Line website, Facebook, and face-to-face.

How the story began

Mr. Aminul started the company back in 2011 while sustaining a job in the corporate sector. In October 2015, he decided to leave his job and concentrate his efforts on Shahin’s Help Line. With that mindset, he began looking for office space. His search made him aware of the real estate costs. He also started to consider the management issues he would face after obtaining the space. He was unfamiliar with the concept of coworking when one of his clients suggested Hubdhaka, the first coworking space in Bangladesh.

Coworking saga begins

“Coworking has played an important role in the growth of my business. The experience has been valuable and nice for me,” shared Mr. Aminul. Through his continuous effort and dedication, he has provided legal services to over 300 startups. He has had fruitful consultations with thousands of new startups.

What to love about coworking?

Operating from a coworking space, allowed him to free himself from the hassle of office management. Via the Hubdhaka community, he was able to create a network that contributed to the growth of his business. Shahin’s Help Line website was launched with the help of one of Hubdhaka’s ex-member, Shafiul Alam.

When he first started at Hubdhaka, they used to organize an event called Weekend Startup, where he got his big break. Sajid Islam, CEO of Hubdhaka, introduced Mr. Aminul as Hubdhaka’s legal documentation partner. Since he was still new in the field, that moment gave him some valued recognition that worked in his favor.

Several members of the coworking space contributed to Mr. Aminul’s business, by helping him out with marketing aspects. He had formed a reciprocal relationship with the community by helping the members as well as Hubdhaka with legal documentation.

Via Hubdhaka, Mr. Aminul was able to accelerate the growth of his business. He relished being part of such a healthy community and shared, “Hubdhaka is like a second family to me.” He hopes to continue his affiliation with the coworking space and looks forward to what the future might hold for him.

Challenges, maybe!

Bangladesh still had not caught up with the concept of coworking when Mr. Aminul joined the space. He frequently faced the question ‘what is coworking?’ from his clients. They would all assume that he rented office space with others, and operated from there. However, once he explained the notion, there were instances when he enlightened few individuals to join the coworking community.


The layout and environment that the coworking space provided facilitated the relationship between Mr.Aminul and his clients. “When they saw me operate amidst such a beautiful community, it strengthened their belief towards my company and the services I provide,” he shared.

Coworking community in Bangladesh

“Coworking is a beautiful concept,” he exclaimed. In Bangladesh, the idea was started by Hubdhaka, at present, there are several coworking spaces in Dhaka. His client often questions him as to whether coworking will spread its reach outside Dhaka. Mr. Aminul wholeheartedly believes that the demand for coworking will continue to rise.

To view the interview session, watch the video below.


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