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GCUC Radio Episode 11 – Nick Clark Of Common Desk

Nick Clark of Common Desk in Dallas, Texas was interviewed by GCUC Radio host, Tony Bacigalupo. About Nick Clark Nick graduated college in 2005 with a real estate background and went straight into the leasing and management of office buildings.  He worked for a company in Dallas that owned, leased, and managed about four million square feet of traditional multi-tenant office buildings.  He worked in real estate for about seven years, all the way through the recession. His passion for…

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GCUC Radio Episode 10 – Coworky Awards

Tony Bacigalupo was back with Jenny Poon and Iris Kavanagh on the Coworky Awards for another episode of GCUC Radio.   Coworking Awards The Coworky Awards was the first award event for the coworking movement.  The Coworky Awards started out of the desire to create an impactful event that was not in competition with the other events already out there.  These awards highlight the spaces that are changing their community and not getting the recognition they deserve. This gives spaces…

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GCUC Radio Episode 9 – Brad Krauskopf of Hub Australia

Tony Bacigalupo spoke with Brad Krauskopf of Hub Australia. About Hub Australia With about 1,000 members across three locations, one with 40,000, one with 12,000 and one with 8,000 square feet, Hub Australia has become one of the most successful coworking spaces.   Brad tries to provide value to members that goes beyond the physical space.  In fact, many of Hub Australia’s members job because of the strong network it provides, not for the office space.  Hub Australia focuses on…

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GCUC Radio Episode 08 – Anniken Fjelberg of 657.no in Oslo

Tony Bacigalupo hosted another episode of GCUC Radio.  In this episode, he talked to Anniken Fjelberg from Oslo, Norway. How They Got Started Anniken wanted to work with creativity and utilize her skills and experience in the field. When she and her husband decided to make a coworking space, it was designed to be for people in the creative industry.  They rented a space that was 657 square meters — which is where the name came from. They told their…

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GCUC Radio Episode 07 – Relationships and Purpose

Host, Tony Bacigalupo, talked to Iris Kavanagh about the value coworking alliances and building meaningful relationships. Meaningful Relationships There should be the same focus on community and relationship building as there is on the amenities in a space.  Coworking spaces foster unique relationships with members and communities.  These relationships can create a much more powerful force than if your focus is solely on physical space. There is currently a trend towards commercialism.  However, Iris noted that there are also people…