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GCUC Radio Episode 16 – Lei Ray Xun of SimplyWork

Tony Bacigalupo connected with Lei Ray Xun of SimplyWork all the way in China to talk about the industry’s growth over there. About SimplyWork SimplyWork has eight spaces all over ShenZhen, China and are looking to expand.  The size of the spaces and amount of members in them varies. Bigger spaces host around 500 members while smaller spaces host around 200. Both founders studied abroad have been able to create a community of openness.  Upon returning to China, the two…

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GCUC Radio Episode 15 – Devon Carr

Tony Bacigalupo sat with Devon Carr who has had a lot of experience in entrepreneurship and the coworking industry. About Devon Devon went from the world of international development and agribusiness to being a freelance consultant in Canada.  He got into coworking because like many others, he needed somewhere to work out of. As an independent professional himself, he became interested in supporting other independent professionals and any needs they may have.  The economic models that previous generations have been…

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GCUC Radio Episode 14 – Tim Mahlberg

In episode 14 of the GCUC Radio podcast series, host, Tony Bacigalupo, talked to Tim Mahlberg who is currently doing research on the future of work with the University of Sydney. About Tim Mahlberg Tim heard about coworking for the first time when he was given the opportunity to found and manage a coworking space on behalf of a bank after he had been working in corporate there.  He has always had a passion for people and helping them realize…

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GCUC Radio Episode 13 – Development of Coworking

Tony Bacigalupo talked to Taylor Tran from Innovation Melbourne. Innovation Taking physical action to go out and do something is the key to entrepreneurship and innovation.  People are starting to integrate coworking into the broader ecosystem of innovation as they come up with unique ways of approaching it and the shift in how people work and interact with one another.  This sort of innovation is making coworking more than just a shared workspace. It is being integrated into the improvement…

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GCUC Radio Episode 12 – Sam Rosen of DeskPass

Tony Bacigalupo talked to Sam Rosen of DeskPass.   About DeskPass DeskPass is a multi-city coworking membership that provides you access to over 175 coworking spaces in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and Denver.  It provides affordable access to diverse workspaces. DeskPass gives people the opportunity to visit different spaces, learn about them, and get to know the community within without commitment. Deskpass is mostly for people who work from home and enjoy it but are…