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Alex Hillman

Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 6: Coworking Europe Conference Part 2

This episode is the second half of Andy Hillman and Adam Teterus’s discussion on the annual Coworking Europe Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.  They talked about how to bring the experiences from the conference back home to their own community. Unconferences At the conference there were a lot of speculative unconference questions.  These unconference questions tell you what people care about. Unconferences allow people to share in a group of people that understand what they are talking about.  Others can offer…

Alex Hillman

Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 5: Coworking Europe Conference

Alex Hillman and Adam Teterus recorded this episode from Lisbon, Portugal where they attended the Coworking Europe Conference.  The two discussed what these types of conferences are like. Introduction Every year the conference is different because there are new people coming in addition to those who have attended previously.  The community at the conference varies each year depending on who is there. Despite the varying attendance, it is equally valuable every year. While there is basic information that returning people…

Alex Hillman

Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 4: Teamwork

Alex Hillman and Adam Teterus discussed about how Indy Hall’s team works together and the importance of leading by example. What is the Voice of Indy Hall? As Indy Hall has grown, there is a notion that communication may need to become more effective.  Effective meaning increased clarity, less sounding like a friend and more professional. However,  Indy Hall tries to hold onto the tone they had when they were a smaller community. It takes a lot of effort to…

Alex Hillman

Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 3: On the Stack with Vanessa Gennarelli

Alex Hillman talked to Vanessa Gennarelli.  Vanessa works on learning communities as a researcher in the field while Alex Hillman is the co-founder of Indy Hall, a coworking space.   Accreditation and Learning Everyone is talking about how people are entering the workforce without the necessary skill sets.  Vanessa is from a high education background and discussed accreditation and what role it plays in getting and retaining jobs in today’s workforce.  However, Alex spoke about learning from his experiences with…

Alex Hillman

Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 2: How Do You Get Members?

Alex Hillman answered one of the most frequently asked questions: How do you get members for your coworking community? Mistake with Events The number one way that spaces attempt to grow their community is by hosting events.  The hope is that once people get through the doors they would see what the space is all about and want to join.  Unfortunately, many spaces are finding that this is not the case. The biggest mistake that people make when trying to…