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Alex Hillman

Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 2: How Do You Get Members?

Alex Hillman answered one of the most frequently asked questions: How do you get members for your coworking community? Mistake with Events The number one way that spaces attempt to grow their community is by hosting events.  The hope is that once people get through the doors they would see what the space is all about and want to join.  Unfortunately, many spaces are finding that this is not the case. The biggest mistake that people make when trying to…

Alex Hillman

Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 1: Who Runs a Coworking space?

Adam Teterus from Indy Hall talked about what and how he does what he does with coworking.  He also shared some of the things he learned from running Indy Hall for 3 years. Indy Hall There are a lot of people that can work from anywhere.  Those people who have the flexibility to choose where they want to work can find themselves at Indy Hall.  Indy Hall is a community of people who want to be with like-minded people with…