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Atiqur Rahman’s Journey into Coworking

Atiqur Rahman’s career began as a theme developer for Nokia Ovi store, which was followed by a job in the SEO sector. However, he soon realized his passion was elsewhere; in 2013 he decided to pursue his real passion, graphic designing. From then on he became a full time freelance graphic designer. Currently, he works in different online marketplaces, where he designs brand identity, app icon, flyer, brochure, etc. During a successful interview session with Atiqur, we were able to gain insight on his journey into coworking.

The power of word-of-mouth reveals itself, as Atiqur got introduced to the concept of coworking through his friends. He then visited Hubdhaka, a coworking space located in Mirpur, Dhaka. After working there for two days as a guest-member, he had an epiphany related to the ‘perfect idea of coworking.’ His trial period in a coworking space, lead him to conclude that coworking is not about working individually in a room, it was about obtaining and being part of a ‘great community.’

As a freelance graphic designer, a coworking space was an ideal solution for Atiqur. Through the space, he was able to find a ‘quiet place’ to work, while facing zero disruptions with electricity and internet connection, a fate he had less chance of avoiding if he were to work from home. He was able to collaborate with the members of the space and worked on over 50 projects for local clientele.

Atiqur went onto point out that a freelancer’s work does not necessarily get completed during the work hours provided by a coworking space. He sometimes has to work on his projects after 10 pm, which is unfortunately beyond the closing hours of a space. He even mentioned that his choice of a coworking space was suitable to him due to its proximity to his house. However, other coworking enthusiasts may not be as fortunate as him.

Bangladesh’s population consists of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups, looking for spaces where they will be able to pursue their dreams. This belief makes Atiqur think that the coworking community in Bangladesh will continue to expand, to accommodate the emerging freelancer, entrepreneurs, and startups. After comparing the prices and facilities of various coworking spaces in Dhaka, Atiqur chose Hubdhaka because of their affordable prices and proximity to his house. In the space, he was able to increase his productivity and even now he continues to extract inspiration from the great community, thus enhancing his career.


To view the interview session with Atiqur Rahman,  watch the video below.

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