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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 31: Moving Plans

Adam Teterus and Alex Hillman continued their discussion from the previous episode on including the community in the decision making process.


Acknowledgement for what your community wants is important.  The community wants to feel as though they are part of the decision making process.

Every decision has an outcome and you do not know how it is going to play out until it is made.  People often miss out on the dialogue that can happen during the decision making process. Use the necessary decision as a tool for having conversation.

Conversation is not about being democratic but being transparent.  It is an amazing tool for getting a sense for what priorities in the community are.  You can extract a lot of value in understanding who your community is.

Opening Dialogue

If you do not view a move or expansion as a valuable tool you are leaving a lot on the table.  Look for the questions that you ask yourself. Even if your mind is already made up, ask the question and see what feedback you get.  You never know what ideas other people have.

When you keep the dialogue closed and exclusive, it takes away from a feeling of belonging to the process.  With an open dialogue, the connection to the community and within the community are strengthened. Additionally, your community will feel a connection to the space as it is made into their own.

Look at everything as a blank canvas.  Think about how to invite dialogue. Be prepared to repeat yourself to make sure you are reaching as many people as possible.  Dialogue that happens in the decision making process is practice for the dialogue that should continue after moving into the new space.  You want to have an openness about the community that allows people to interact.


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