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Alex Hillman Podcasts Episode 26: Socialization and Productivity

Alex Hillman answered a question from one of the members at Indy Hall.

How do you balance socialization and productivity?

Idea that productive work and social time are at completely opposite sides of the spectrum is part of the problem.  This question illustrates a certain mindset of separation. However, work can now happen anywhere. There has been a shift  in responsibility onto the individual worker. It is their responsibility to choose the best setting to work in for the kind of work they do.

Some kinds of work need to be completely uninterrupted.  However, some people actually come to coworking spaces for the interruptions.  Coworking spaces provide a new environment where people can choose the best place for themselves.  That choice is what defines coworking. Coworking provides the ability to choose who you are with and what you are around.

Socialization in the workplace comes down to relationships.  Socialization is the groundwork for the building of trust. There are aspects of life that make people more likely to connect.  Usually, it is not work. It comes from understanding who the other person really is.

The balance of work and life in a coworking spaces comes down to an individual’s choice.  Socialization cannot be forced. It is on the operators of the space to facilitate it and unlock its potential.


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